Calf Muscle Strength

Calf Muscle Strength

Taking a Look at the Calf Muscle

The calf muscle is a vital muscle for strength and function in your lower leg.

The problem

If you lose strength in your calves this can cause problems for people from the young to the old.


  • Can’t jump well or have lost power when you take off
  • Can’t run as quickly or take off with speed
  • Walk a bit flat-footed


  • Don’t walk as fast as you used to
  • Have difficulty climbing stairs and pushing off
  • Sound heavy when you walk and your heels strike the ground heavily

**Come and see one of the physios for a consultation if you feel you are suffering from the issues above.

The Answer

  • Calf Strength!!!
  • Calf or heel raises.
  • Start on 2 feet and get to 20 repetitions keeping your knees completely straight.
  • 2 times a day is your goal eg while brushing your teeth.

Then progress to :

Stand on one foot if you can and push up onto your toes.

Try to engage the big and second toe (be careful if you have pain or bunions) by leaning your trunk and hips slight away from the foot you are rising up on. Example: rising up on Right foot lean to your Left hand resting on a bench/wall. When walking try to land a little bit softer and roll from your heel and push off your big and second toes.