Alastair Flett

Dr Alastair Flett

Specialist Musculoskeletal and Vestibular Physiotherapist

The Melbourne Dizziness, Headache, and Neck Pain Clinic is run by Alastair Flett, a specialist Musculoskeletal and Vestibular Physiotherapist as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists, with over 25 years of clinical experience.

He has a particular interest in the assessment and management of dizziness, neck pain, headache, shoulder and temporomandibular (jaw) disorders.

He is trained in the assessment and management of complex and persistent problems, frequently provides second opinions and works closely with other medical and Allied Health professionals when management above and beyond physiotherapy treatment is required.

Conditions diagnosed and treated at the clinic include:

  • Dizziness disorders:
    • BPPV
    • Vestibular migraine
    • Anxiety related dizziness
    • Meniere’s disease
    • Cervicogenic dizziness
    • Post-traumatic/concussion-related dizziness
  • Neck, shoulder and arm pain, including thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Jaw pain & TMJ related headaches


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