How to Prevent Ankle Injury

How to Prevent Ankle Injury

Preventing Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains and injuries prove to be one of the most, if not the most common sporting injuries; and with the sporting seasons returning soon, it will no doubt bring a number of ankle injuries of varying severity.

As a rule of thumb, we know that the biggest risk factor for an injury… is the previous injury, and ankle sprains, in particular, have a high recurrence rate.

An ankle that has been injured requires more than just time to return safely to sport/running or just everyday life.


If you have had recurrent sprains, or feel unsteady or unbalance through your ankles while running, hoping or even going downstairs, then you will likely require more rehabilitation to ensure you can enjoy an active lifestyle confidently!

Things to look for Ankle Sprains:

  • Previous ankle sprains***
  • Ongoing ankle pain
  • Feeling wobbly/unsteady standing on one leg

Ankle Self-Assessments to try:

  • Balance on one leg with eyes closed
  • Balance on one leg and throw a ball against a wall
  • Single leg calf raise unsupported

If you struggled with any of these tests, then you will benefit from a consultation with one of our physiotherapists that can identify exactly what needs to be addressed and get you back to a safe and active lifestyle.