Exercise Sessions During Covid-19

Exercise Sessions During Covid-19

The isolation restrictions we are currently facing, are having a negative impact on our wellbeing, mental and physical health.

We face reduced access to normal exercise, daily activities, and wellbeing routines with gym/class closures & group exercise restrictions.

More people are working from home, with increasing sitting/computer-related injuries due to using modified dining tables and kitchen tables as workstations.

People are suffering from pain in the:

  • cervical spine (neck),
  • lumbar spine (back),
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • and shoulder

These problems can be addressed by:

  • improving your ergonomic setup,
  • exercise – general cardiovascular(walking, riding, running) and specific body part exercises
  • different forms of manual therapy (massage, either self with a massage ball/roller or by a qualified therapist)

There has been increase in overuse injuries due to changes in exercise routines or people doing more exercise just to get out of the house.

With no access to gyms, people are increasing their time, running, walking and riding.

These changes to your activity type and level in a significantly short term can lead to injuries such as:

– shin splints,

– Patello-Femoral (knee-cap) pain,

– and Achilles tendon injuries

Treatment Options Available

 Our clinic offers :

  • Face-to-Face consultations
    – available as normal, we are still able to provide hands on treatment and prescribe rehabilitation exercise
  • Telehealth – we have launched our Telehealth treatment option, it involves a video consultation with a physiotherapist (call reception or book online) – a link is sent to your email that opens to begin your consultation
    – these sessions are able to be bulk billed
  • Physiotherapy/Pilates Based Exercise One on One
    – we are still able to provide physiotherapy led exercise sessions on a 1:1 basis

-1:1 exercise predominantly, uses our Pilates equipment – reformer and trapeze table, but can also use dumbbells, Swiss balls and resistance bands.

– The program/session will be tailored to address your specific injury or needs    and includes 30 minutes of exercise tailored at addressing your strength and range of movement deficits.

  • Online Exercise Class
    – our physiotherapists are able to provide exercise sessions through online platforms, this is perfect for those that are not able to, or prefer not to come into the clinic for face to face treatment or exercise

If you have developed an injury, experiencing pain, or want to maintain your overall strength, there are a number of treatment options available for you.

For more information visit our website https://citybathssportsmedicine.com/ or call 03 96392286.