Damon Cheng

Damon Cheng

Sport and Soccer-related Injury Specialist

Damon’s professional interests include Soccer-related injuries, lower limb injuries (including hip, knee, ankle, thigh and groin pain), post-operative rehabilitation (e.g. ACL reconstruction, hip/knee replacements, hip/knee arthroscopy) , shoulder injuries, chronic/persistent musculoskeletal pain, work or sports-related back pain, injury-specific strength & conditioning, return to sports/running and injury prevention. In addition to English, Damon speaks fluent Mandarin and Cantonese.

Damon has been practising physiotherapy since 2002 in Australia and internationally in private, public and sporting settings. He understands that many injuries that occur in sports, also occur as a result of everyday activities. Damon realises that regardless of the injury and the client to whom the injury occurs, many scientific strategies can be deployed to minimise suffering, speed up the recovery and prevent recurrence.

During the time studying his Master of Sports Physiotherapy, Damon had spent a considerable amount of time working with soccer players ranging from local state leagues to Eredivisie levels. He has developed expert knowledge (from pitchside to return to sports phase) in treating and rehabilitating ACL injury/postoperative reconstruction rehabilitation, knee pain, tendinopathy, hip/groin injuries and hamstrings injuries.

Damon has a particular interest in the management of not only acute (fresh) injury, but also he has expertise in managing persistent (long-standing) pain stemming from sports, work or everyday activities. Damon prioritises through an accurate assessment and manages clients with evidence-based management and education. Damon is skilled in providing targeted strength and conditioning exercises and hands-on treatment such as therapeutic massage, manual therapy and stretching for pain management. Damon believes helping clients to set achievable and meaningful goals will lead to efficient recovery.

Damon also works at the multidisciplinary pain clinic of the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Epworth Richmond Orthopaedic Rehabilitation. Damon believes that there are many opportunities to combine his understanding of pain neuroscience with his knowledge of sports injuries and orthopaedic rehabilitation. He is inspired to bridge the gaps between sports, pain and orthopaedic medicine and bring about the best outcomes for his clients.