Clinical Pilates

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Clinical Pilates at City Baths Spinal & Sports Medicine Clinic can help you achieve a stronger, toned, more flexible body with increased postural awareness and improved function. It is an excellent form of rehabilitation following an injury, aiming to reduce pain and prevent recurrences.

Pilates is based upon the philosophy of Josef Pilates, but has been adapted by physiotherapists to treat and manage musculoskeletal conditions and prevent injury.

Clinical Pilates is implemented and supervised by trained physiotherapists, who have an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and injuries. They can accurately assess your issues and provide a targeted, individualised program to achieve your goals.

Pilates rugbyIt can be beneficial for:

  • back or neck pain

  • headaches and jaw pain

  • pre and post-natal women

  • hip and groin injuries

  • those experiencing sedentary lifestyles or manual work

  • teens with growth spurts or poor posture

  • elderly

  • performers such as dancers, musicians and singers


For more detailed information, view the Clinical Pilates Information & Current Supervised Sessions Timetable here.

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