Before you commence Clinical Pilates at City Baths Spinal & Sports Medicine Clinic you are first required to book in for an Initial Assessment with one of our Physiotherapists. This is so the Physiotherapist can assess your specific needs and begin working on a program tailored to you.

After your Initial Assessment  you will generally be required to have one on one follow-up sessions in order for your Physiotherapist to develop your Clinical Pilates program and to ensure you are comfortable performing the exercises.

It will be at the Physiotherapists discretion as to how many Standard Pilates Sessionwill be required before you have the option to move to Supervised Program Sessions (groups of 3) or Independent Sessions.

Our Supervised Program Sessions are designed to for you to conduct your program with the guidance of a Physiotherapist. Although these sessions include other participants it is not a class situation but a chance for you to perform your exercises with the assistance and support of the instructing Physiotherapist.

We also offer Independent Sessions - a great option if you want the flexibility of conducting your program at times that work in with your day. We require you to book a slot with reception to ensure that we can accommodate everyone in the studio.  Although we do not charge a late cancellation notice if you are unable to make your time- we appreciate a phone call letting us know if you can’t make it.

We recommend that you book in for a Program Review (Standard Session) every six weeks to ensure you are getting the most effective outcomes from your pilates practice.