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Physiotherapy – Low Back Pain in Athletes


The lumbar spine is a segmented, flexible rod which supports the load of the body, protects the spinal cord and allows flexibility in all directions.

The lumbar spine is made up primarily of bony vertebra connected by discs and facet joints.

The lumbar discs are made  of a flexible “jelly” like material surrounded by an outer shell […]

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Podiatry – Heel Pain

“Don’t let heel pain ground you”

While heel pain has many causes, it is usually the result of a biomechanical imbalance ( abnormalities in the way we walk), too much stress on the heel bone and the tissues attached to it, or complications from certain systemic diseases such as arthritis or diabetes.

Podiatrists use a range of […]

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Physiotherapy – Ankle Sprains

Ankle joints and feet are the link between your body and the ground. If the ankle twists as the foot hits the ground, particularly during a fall, this may cause a sprain. Physiotherapists provide advice and treatment to speed up healing and restore full performance.

What is an ankle sprain?

The ankle joint is made up of […]

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Physiotherapy – Weight Training and Shoulder pain

The shoulder joint is prone to injury because by nature it sacrifices stability for mobility. In comparison with the hip joint the shoulder has a very shallow socket for the ball joint of the arm. Therefore the surrounding muscles, “the rotator cuff”, are primarily responsible for stability.

In sporting activity such as tennis and certain weight […]

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Physiotherapy – Travel Tips

1. Luggage

Luggage can often be heavy and difficult to carry. Carrying awkward, heavy luggage is a common cause of neck, shoulder and back pain if you are not used to it. To reduce the risk of this try:

packing lightly
using a backpack fitted especially for you
using a portable trolley if carrying suitcases and boxes. These […]

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Physiotherapy – Back Care facts

How strengthening your abdominals can reduce risk of back injury and pain.

Recent research done by physiotherapists at the University of Queensland demonstrates that strengthening the transversus abdominus muscle and deep muscles of the lower back can reduce pain, and improve functional capacity in individuals suffering lower back pain.
The transversus abdominus is often the forgotten muscle of […]

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Physiotherapy – Exercise and Sports Iinjuries

Physiotherapy – Exercise and Sports Iinjuries
Participation in regular exercise and sport is a vital part of the Australian lifestyle. It promotes good health, relaxation and provides social contact. The downside is that it is a common source of musculoskeletal injuries. The good news however, is that most of these injuries can be prevented.

How can you […]

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Physiotherapy – Lifting Tips

Lifting injuries are a common cause of back pain.  You can protect yourself against damage with good lifting habits, both at home, in the gym and in the workplace. Some of the most frequent injuries we see here at the City Baths Spinal and Sports Medicine are those involving the back.

How lifting can injure your […]

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Physiotherapy – Hamstring Injuries

Hamstring Injuries are typically treated with a variety of physiotherapy modalities, stretching and strengthening exercise.

Most hamstring injuries occur during running or sprinting. A number of aetilogical factors may be present in the incidence of hamstring injuries.

Grade 2 hamstring injuries have traditionally been considered to be a problem area in terms of rehabilitation and return to […]

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